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New Home, New Life

I recently moved out of a house I had lived in for several years to a new area of Los Angeles. Shocking as it may be, I have quite a bit of “stuff” (), so it’s been a bit of an ordeal. However, I am THRILLED to say I’m (almost!) completely done with the move, thanks in no small part to the amazing Meathead Movers who helped make the entire process simple and stress-free. I had so much fun “picking” my movers on their website and was so pleased with what a great job they did. Not only were they incredibly professional, but also friendly, hardworking and fast. 

Everything is finally out of my old house; all that’s left is a bit more unpacking/decorating at my new place and I’ll be ready to start a new journey with my family in our new home. There really is nothing like moving to make you realize how much has been weighing you down and how cathartic it can be to let go of all that extra clutter, both physically and mentally. I really feel like like a ton of bricks has been lifted since making the transition and could not be more excited about what this chapter in my life will bring.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 11.23.32 AM
My little princess is so excited to be in her new house!


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Mom and Dad Coming to Town

You would think after all these years that I wouldn’t be excited to see my mom and dad, but I do. Here I am, 47 years old, about to have a baby and I am anxiously awaiting my parents’ arrival. I live in LA, my parents live in New York and they’re headed out here for a little over a week and I am so looking forward to spending one-on-one time with them. Since I’ve moved to Los Angeles, I’ve found that my time with them is much more quality time because it’s concentrated time. I speak to my mom and dad every day-sometimes even multiples times a day to each of them. It’s fulfilling but it’s not as rewarding as knowing they will soon be here in my house, spending every day with me, coming to work with me, going to dinners, hanging out watching TV and going to movies. They are an integral part of my life and I love that even at the point I’m at in my career and in my personal life that I am just as excited today, knowing they’ll be here in eight days, as I would have been if I were 25 years younger. Can’t wait!

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