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Lakeland Dream Bigger

The Dream Bigger tour has begun. Second city stop was Lakeland, Florida on May 10th and was a BIG success! The exciting part about the show for me is that it’s energetic, inspirational, aspirational, motivational and truly a place where people can come, sit back, have fun, learn, laugh, cry and get a chance to understand David Tutera, the brand.

I spend so much time now and will continue to do so creating products that are for women who usually cannot afford the great products they want or styles they think they can’t achieve because they’re too expensive. With my bridal gown line, David Tutera for Mon Cheri, we see it on the stage at Dream Bigger as part of the backdrop and I talk about the fact that my gowns come in sizes up to 26–there is something for every size woman, every color woman and every personality in my fashion. The same goes for my shoe line that allows girls to walk down the aisle in style with a trend they can wear beyond their wedding day, as well as for the embellishments of David Tutera Embellish, my line of fashion jewelry. What I did creatively at Dream Bigger was have all of my brands represented individually. They were part of the giveaways, the on-stage competition and the Dream Makeover during which one girl received a a non-David Tutera Mon Cheri party dress, Embellish jewelry and David Tutera shoes. Also, in the final Dream Wedding Package giveaway, the couple received everything from a David Tutera for Mon Cheri dress, Embellish jewelry, a subscription to my David Tutera Wedding Planners program and so much more, while the winner of the Dream Entertaining Package received David Tutera Fabric and a gift card to JoAnn’s where all of my crafts are sold.

The show is not a commercial, but guests do get to see that there is something for everyone in the brands that I continue to build for women who deserve to look and feel their best while still being able to afford it.

Me and some fans in their adorable t-shirts at Dream Bigger in Lakeland!


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Sometimes people wonder why I represent particular brands–here’s the answer: I only represent brands that I am personally connected to. I’ve worn Invisalign for almost a year to adjust my bottom teeth. I wanted them to be a little straighter and I wanted to have a better smile because to me, when people smile it displays a sense of confidence. Many people don’t smile because they’re worried about their teeth which ultimately affects their energy. Invisalign is a great partnership for me because as someone who uses it and truly believes in it, I knew that it was a great opportunity to explain to brides-to-be and grooms-to-be that in the beginning stages of their wedding planning, this is something they can do to straighten their teeth and make their smile the perfect smile so that when they look back at photos from their wedding day, every photo has a smile in it because the confidence of a smile reflects the happiness in their relationship.


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My Bridal Collection is Launching in Michaels!

I am incredibly excited that my David Tutera Bridal Collection is launching in all Michaels stores next month (March) because it includes incredible products that adds sparkle, personality and everything a bride is hoping for on her wedding day. Brides can now really can walk down the aisle with confidence, knowing that they were able to find something within their budget that makes their day that much more special. I’m very proud of the details in the line because “Do It Yourself” can sometimes become overwhelming to a bride, but these items are all wonderful add-ons that easily give your wedding personality–whether it be to your candles, printed materials, picture frames for your tables, LED branches for your flower centerpieces or even the bling that can pop into the center of a rose that can add that fairy-tale, princess, glamorous effect that you might be going for.

Overall, it’s been a really great ride for me over the past 25 years to go from creating high-end celebrations for my brides to now be able to provide the knowledge of high-end celebrations to brides on a budget. Ultimately, the David Tutera Bridal Collection provides solutions, glamour, inspiration and affordability to every bride who truly wants to walk down the aisle in style.

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