Fan Call

I recently received an email from the husband of one of my fans whose wife recently gave birth to their second child. While this is always something to celebrate, a toll had been taken on this mother’s heart as her baby was placed in the neonatal intensive care unit after birth and had yet to breathe on his own. Her husband told me that his wife was a big fan of mine and he thought a phone call from me may be just the thing to brighten her spirits. I was so touched by this man’s love and concern for his wife as well as his story that I did just what he asked me to. I wasn’t sure if his wife would answer an unknown number when I called but was grateful when she did. I introduced myself and told her about her husband’s email; she was shocked, to say the least. I offered her words of encouragement, told her to hang in there and relayed a story about another couple I worked with once on My Fair Wedding whose twins spent the first several months of their lives in the hospital but are healthy as can be today. She told me she got to hold her son for the first time yesterday since his birth but that they could definitely use all the prayers they could get, which is exactly what I will give to her. The phone call only took a few minutes of my time but I’m hoping it was enough to make her smile and lift her up until she gets to bring her baby home.

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  1. WandaT

    Wow, it really is stuff like this and the situation with the basketball player from Miami Heat that lifts my spirits. Watching every episode of “My Fair Wedding” and knowing this really does earn a lot of my respect. I hope more people in the world are as humble as you are. It is wonderful to think that everything you do is from the graces of your heart.

  2. Gina

    WOW…Just saw Your Show about LIL KIM.
    . Shame On Her… Girl Needs To Remember word Humble. Her Grandmother Taught Her Better.. Awsome Job My Gentleman
    . LBI

  3. Nancy Breidenbaugh

    Hi David,
    I agree about the Lil Kim, how rude, You truly are a gentleman, I would have dropped her butt as a client. I know it makes good TV. I hope people in your personal business don’t treat you like this and if they do, drop their BUTTS!!!

    Any ideas on how to create a WOW presentation to school age children from K to 12 grade (grade appropriate) on domestic violence.


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